We'll handle it for you.

We'll handle it for you.

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News & Views

Here’s the BrightKey scoop—from the view from the top in our quarterly President’s Message to the outside perspective from our clients. We report on client successes not just to strut our stuff but also to prompt ideas for programs that will increase your success. With a large client base and more than three decades of experience, we have lots to share about effective practices.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superpower!

If you’re at all like me, you think a lot about your organization’s priorities. A recent consultant report1 captured top CEO priorities for 2024; eight responses rose to the top. The wide-ranging list includes everything from technology to global geopolitical order. The one that resonated with me the most? Focus on your Superpower.

BrightKey’s superpower can be summed up by our tagline: We’ll handle it for you. That’s been our key strength and guidepost for nearly 36 years. Our success—thanks to our wonderful team, clients, and partners—comes from the determination and ability to provide end-to-end outsourced solutions that empower our clients to focus on their priorities.

So what does our superpower mean for you? Here’s news you can use . . .

  • New EPA SmartWay partnership brings increased efficiency, cost savings, and reduces your carbon footprint: We’ll be working with the major freight carriers to increase supply chain efficiency and reduce fuel costs, with annual performance data that shows what we accomplish. And, we’ll be inviting those clients who qualify to join the program (and help them purchase carbon credits in the meantime.)
  • New fulfillment strategies deliver dramatic cost savings: BrightKey’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles recently resulted in a shipping consolidation from 10,000 to 2,500 shipments — a 75% reduction! Lower cost for the client, less environmental impact—a great example of doing well by doing good.
  • New accounting services let you focus on your core mission: This financial service puts our expertise to work for you. We’ve been meeting growing requests for providing accounting assistance … offering the scalability necessary to match busy and slower periods. You have dedicated support only when you need it!
  • New partnerships mean better solutions:  Our recent participation in the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) annual conference solidified partnerships with major corporations. Our presence not only demonstrates our commitment to support women-owned businesses but also expands our capabilities and reach.
  • New support in the Big Apple: We’ve just added a new financial services client for mail screening in New York. Remember, BrightKey goes where you need us to be. 

So what’s YOUR superpower?

Helping you do what you do best—that’s our superpower. We not only want to keep our eye on the ball to help you succeed now … but also want to align our capabilities to meet your growing needs. So let’s talk! (And if you have an environmental impact initiative and need to keep a sharp focus on your bottom line — let’s see what we can do to deliver a fulfillment strategy that lowers your environmental footprint and saves you money at the same time.)

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All the best,

Rita Hope Counts
President and CEO

P.S. Have you heard? The USPS just proposed a rate hike for July 14, 2024, an increase of approximately 7.8%. Let us help you with a plan to mitigate these increased postal costs.

1   What matters most? Eight CEO priorities for 2024, McKinsey & Company, December 23, 2023.

What's Trending (At a Glance)

Our broad client base provides a great view of what’s going on in many different areas. Each month, we send out a news brief with a quick read on hot topics, emerging trends, and action steps. Here’s just a taste of What’s Trending…

What's Trending​ for May 2024?
Prepare for USPS Rate Changes This July
On July 14, 2024, the USPS will implement another round of rate adjustments. As part of an overall 7.8% increase in mailing service prices, the First-Class Mail Forever stamp will rise to 73 cents. These adjustments also extend to Special Services, though Post Office Box rental fees will remain stable, and a discount will be applied to postal insurance. Non-profit organizations, heavily reliant on the USPS for fundraising and communication, must act swiftly to incorporate these changes into their mailing strategies.

Optimize Summer: How BrightKey Can Propel Your Projects Forward
Summer is approaching, bringing with it a natural slowdown before the September rush to close out the year. This seasonal shift is an excellent opportunity to tackle annual projects that might otherwise be sidelined. Take advantage of this period to finish what you've started or maintain momentum on key initiatives. By preparing early, you can hit the ground running when fall arrives. If you have a project that needs attention or requires a strong finish, BrightKey is ready to step in and help you carry it across the finish line. Our expert team can strategize, support, and execute to ensure your goals are achieved efficiently and effectively.
What's Trending for April 2024?
Eco-Friendly Shipping
In an era where shipping volumes are reaching unprecedented levels, we've stepped up to meet the moment with leadership and innovation. Recognizing the critical role of sustainability in logistics, we are proud to announce our designation as an EPA SmartWay Shipper. This achievement reflects our deep commitment to environmental stewardship and positions us at the forefront of the industry, championing the efficient and responsible movement of goods. As a SmartWay partner, we're not just embracing change; we're driving it, ensuring our operations and partnerships align with the highest standards of eco-friendly logistics. Our journey is a pledge to our planet and partners, showcasing our dedication to delivering excellence while nurturing a greener future.

Reviving Lapsed Members
As we navigate beyond the first quarter, the challenge to rekindle connections with members who have yet to renew becomes increasingly pressing for non-profit associations. This period, stretching over 90 days since the renewal deadline is critical; the longer the delay, the lower the likelihood of securing renewals or obtaining insightful feedback. Acting with urgency now is crucial for maintaining the strength and engagement of the member base. This juncture is vital for ensuring the community's vibrancy and sustainability. For organizations seeking expert guidance to navigate this essential phase, BrightKey offers specialized services designed to strategically re-engage lapsed members, reinforcing the community's value and cohesion.
What's Trending for March 2023?
Mission-Driven Efficiency
In today's non-profit landscape, managing Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) efficiently is essential for sustainability and trust. BrightKey specializes in outsourcing these critical administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for non-profits to concentrate on their mission-centric activities. By collaborating with BrightKey, organizations streamline their financial operations with ease and accuracy, allowing them to stay mission-focused. Our service simplifies AR and AP management and enables non-profits to devote more resources to impactful initiatives, maximizing their contribution to their causes.

Meet BrightKey at WBENC 2024
Join BrightKey at the 2024 WBENC Conference in Denver, CO, from March 19-22, where we celebrate our proud membership and commitment to diversity. This event is a perfect chance to discuss the importance of diversifying your outsourced support with WBENC-certified partners. If you’re attending and interested in how BrightKey champions diversity and excellence, reach out to Krystal Johnson. Let’s schedule a chat about our shared values and explore potential collaborations. Together, we can enhance your organization’s impact through meaningful partnerships. See you in Denver for an inspiring exchange of ideas and opportunities.
What's Trending for February 2024?
Act Fast: Recover Lapsed Members
As the calendar year advances, nonprofits face the pivotal task of reconnecting with members whose memberships have recently lapsed. It's crucial to engage these individuals promptly, underscoring the value and impact of their continued involvement. Effective communication can rekindle their commitment, emphasizing the difference they make through their membership. For organizations seeking strategic advice on revitalizing member engagement and retention, our team of membership experts is ready to assist. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support in developing a tailored approach to bring your valued members back into the fold.

AI Transforming Business Operations
In today's fast-paced business environment, the advent of enterprise-grade Chat GPT technologies is poised to transform operations across industries. These advanced AI platforms enable teams to quickly design, develop, and implement tailored tools that address their unique operational challenges. By leveraging the capabilities of enterprise Chat GPT, organizations can enhance efficiency, automate complex processes, and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. This shift towards AI-driven customization is not just an upgrade; it's a revolution in how businesses operate, promising unprecedented levels of agility and innovation.
What's Trending for January 2024?
2024 Global Meetings/Events Outlook
The 2024 outlook for global meetings and events foresees a significant rise in attendance, with internal meetings expected to experience the largest growth in attendees. This resurgence aligns with a 70% prediction of attendance returning to pre-2019 levels. The year is marked by a strong emphasis on AI and sustainable practices, aiming to streamline and environmentally optimize meetings. The year promises a blend of heightened engagement and innovative solutions as the industry leans towards more efficient, strategic meetings. Ensure your team is prepared to capitalize on this opportunity and avoid getting bogged down by administrative minutiae.

Shipping Alert: USPS New Rates for 2024
Starting January 21, 2024, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is set to implement price adjustments across a range of services. Notably, the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp will increase from 66 cents to 68 cents. Additionally, USPS Shipping Services will experience a broad rate increase, with USPS Ground Advantage prices rising by 5.4%, Priority Mail services by 5.7%, and Priority Mail Express services by 5.9%.


“In my ten years of managing teams and handling customer services for large territories and being reliant upon partners to get the job done, I can honestly say that I have never received such raving compliments as I have received since working with BrightKey. There is absolutely zero exaggeration when I say that I receive daily positive feedback. Not one time since this has all begun have I received any questionable or negative feedback on the team at BrightKey.”

Manager, Membership Sales
Association Client
“I’m very pleased with the services that BrightKey provides. The smooth and productive transition to BrightKey was impressive. But I can’t say enough about BrightKey’s staff, to the degree of quality service they provide to our 2,000 associates her as well as around the globe.”

Senior Facilities Manager
Commercial Client
“After the first day of our telemarketing campaign, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to hear how many renewals BrightKey has processed! We got a better response I none day than we were achieving with our previous vendor in an entire month. I am very impressed with the retention call program already and am looking for to GREAT SUCCESS! Thank you for your team’s hard work.”

Membership Manager
Nonprofit Client
“Words cannot express my gratitude for all the hard you do on our behalf. You’ve always gone above and beyond what is expected, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your superior level of service. I feel as though with your leadership we’ve built a strong partnership. I look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.”

Coordinator for Fulfillment
Nonprofit Client
“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with all aspects of our business relationship. You and your staff could not have been more responsive in light of the terrible weather conditions you experienced. Your staff stayed in touch with our staff, and we were able to make sure our customers were aware of delays. We were also able to keep senior management aware of what was happening and what was being accomplished. You should be very proud of the professional, courteous, thoughtful staff you have. Thank you and all of BrightKey’s staff.”

Vice President, Member Support
Association Client

BrightKey Delivers Results

Aligning with the Times
FOCUS: A leading provider of residential servicing in the mortgage industry experienced unprecedented growth over the years but lacked efficiency in the mailroom. As a result, they sought expertise with streamlining incoming mail processes and the logistical complexity of handling the increased workload.

SKILL: BrightKey’s experts in mailroom operations and document scanning workflow, completed an onsite assessment of current operations and presented recommendations to enhance the essential mailroom operations. BrightKey assisted with procuring and installing state of the art mail processing and accountable mail tracking equipment in addition to deploying standard operating processes and procedures, and volume and performance tracking dashboards.

RESULTS: BrightKey continues to work with our customer to identify additional document workflows and expects to maximize the existing capacity to meet the demands of their growth. In addition, the implementation of new technology and the development of standard operating procedures and reporting provided the corporate operation with a well-oiled mailroom which turns around inbound mail the same day it is received.
Process Improvement and Efficiency:
Reducing Cost While Creating Efficiencies
FOCUS: A quasi-government organization encouraged our onsite team to evaluate the printing, mailing, supply processes, and equipment and make recommendations for process and efficiency improvements and anticipated cost savings.

SKILL: BrightKey’s Project Team researched costs for printer and coil machine replacements, designed supply workrooms for standardization, and identified a new approach to shipping and mailing.

RESULTS: By replacing a printer that allowed for in-house services rather than outsourcing, Brightkey helped save money and organize production within. In addition, Brightkey helped standardize the workroom for efficiency and supply management which allowed for ensuring standardization of both supplies and industrial equipment. Our team standardized supplies for tracking and reordering as needed which improved productivity. Brightkey advised using FedEx ground home delivery services vs FedEx express for employees working from home, reducing delivery costs for shipping.
Continuity of Mail Delivery During the COVID 19 Pandemic:
Following COVID Protocols While Remaining Engaged
FOCUS: In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, BrightKey’s client reassigned most of its employees to remote work. As a result, hundreds of employees no longer had access to their mail which contained time sensitive work product and various documents that must be processed or require dispositions. This presented a significant continuity challenge for our clients and anticipated cost savings.

SKILL: BrightKey worked closely with our client to outline their requirements. This resulted in timelines for completion and definitive performance standards for delivery and security. BrightKey also consulted with the client to develop a customized migration to their preferred file sharing application and implemented the solution within five weeks of initial request.

RESULTS: BrightKey developed a customized mail digitization program that allowed employees to work seamlessly from home or any location with internet access. Employees received their digitized mail by 1:00 pm on the same day received. All mail images were migrated via an encrypted network. Additionally, all hard copies were indexed, filed, and stored in a secure location, making hard copy retrieval fast and efficient.
Ongoing Process Improvements:
Enhanced Reporting for Mail Services
FOCUS: Client is in need of real-time reporting for the mail services BrightKey is currently providing.

SKILL: BrightKey implemented an online, customized Reporting Dashboard. No client resources were required to implement this solution. Our solution provided a customized dashboard and tabular reports along with drill down capability into report data, daily refreshing of reporting data, and export functionality. These capabilities allowed for improvements in real time data reports, accompanied by secure usernames and passwords for staff to access data when needed.

RESULTS: The dashboard provides daily data on both inbound and outbound mail volumes. The dashboard tracks items such as total shipments, mass mailing, and mail screening. With the help of BrightKey, the company was able to digitize some of the current flow of mail, facilitating the clients current flow of mail and mail tracking.
Win back members:
Last Chance Fellow Recovery
FOCUS: A one hundred-year-old, prestigious medical association that sets the standard for patient care and provider education sought to recover lapsed Fellow members. After numerous email and direct mail campaigns, the nonprofit wanted to invest in one last push with an outbound calling campaign to retain these expired members.

SKILL: BrightKey’s Strategic Outreach team collaborated with the medical nonprofit to develop an outbound calling campaign to transition the lapsed members. Campaign design strategy included calling Fellows near benefit expiration to create a sense of urgency, a compelling script that highlighted powerful member benefits, clear rebuttals that combined a discount on renewing membership, and strategic collection of member feedback to tailor strategy throughout the current and future campaigns.

RESULTS: The three-week, two attempt, outreach campaign approach ensured that every member received a form of communication, which included direct conversation, voicemail, and email follow up. The campaign success was measured by payments received over the phone, members who pledged to pay, and payments made after the first call. With a final campaign ROI of $34.73 for every dollar spent, the customized approach to the outreach campaign proved to be a successful win back effort.

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